Independent Candidate Fuji

I made a California Governor email system called GOVERNOR.EMAIL to meet and exceed email archiving standards for public review, unparalleled news media access, and complete state government transparency. Californians like you can contact me at, that is readily available, accountable for public scrutiny 24/7 by you and government watchdogs organizations like the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), and efficient for my fellow Californians like you. It's time to make public servants work for the public interest again.

Furthermore, I will make all state elected offices candidacy requirements published an entire year before voting starts. I will legislate to have the General Election date for state elections from a single day in November, to the whole first week of July, so we the people, can have sufficient time to vote in our busy schedule.

Thank you for your time, consideration and support. I look forward to hearing from you. I am here to get the job done for you with integrity! 

Election Reform

Honest election reform starts with a candidate like myself, one who will not accept campaign contributions. Contact our candidates to lead by example like me to tell them to return their campaign donations to hard-working, tax-paying Californians like you. I am running for Governor of California with my money so, why can’t they?

Washington DC, our democracy, and the election process are no longer for sale! There should be a public debate at least once a week, either in person or streamed with Twitter Periscope, Google, Skype, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live once all of us are officially on the ballot. There are no more excuses.

As your next California Governor, I will draft and pass legislation to eliminate primaries, thus giving new candidates and voters adequate time to meet and know each other, and for voters to hear public debates on the pressing issues that affect our families and communities.

I will make our state government genuinely accessible to all Californians, directly accountable to you and me and more efficient like never before in history to taxpayers like us.
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